Consulting to get your project on track.

PTL Exam Prep offers complete LEED consulting and management services, from pre-design and site selection, through every stage of construction and LEED submittal documentation. Our knowlegable LEED Accredited Professionals can facilitate and manage your project team and ensure that the proper steps are taken throughout the process. We have expertise and experience to implement sound operations and maintenance practices after the project is completed.


As USGBC members, we bring our knowledge of standards and green building methods to guide projects toward LEED Certification, and assist you in not only completing every step, but understanding the process.

PTL Exam Prep's Certification Process:

Step 1: Assessing Client Needs Step 2: Determining Feasable Options Step 3: Implementing Plans to Meet Requirements Step 4: Overseeing Necessary LEED Documentation

It is imperative that you and your team are clear about LEED Certification require- ments during the design phase of your project. As an initial assessment, we will facilitate a meeting with your design team (i.e. Eco-Charette) where we will help you determine which credits are achievable for your project and what steps will need to be taken to reach your desired level of LEED certification.

With the LEED scorecard determined in the initial assessment, we will guide your design team toward proper documentation and calcula- tions necessary for achievement. We will also ensure that the project specifications include the necessary language required to meet the LEED requirements for your project.

We will meet with your general contractor to ensure that they have the tools and knowledge necessary to create the LEED project envisioned during the design process. We will also perform quality assurance of the contractor submittal reviews making sure that all products purchased for the project fit within the parameters of your desired LEED credits.

We will manage your project team to ensure that the proper documentation is collected in a timely manner, We will then initiate the LEED application submittal process and communicate with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) to complete the documentation process and make certain that your project receives LEED certification.